After the Beijing and Hong Kong governments forcibly imposed the so-called “National Security Law” on us on 30 June 2020, I have been feeling more and more difficult to breathe. I bet other Hongkongers (at least those who treasure free speech) might feel the same.

When I started my career in journalism and then in the NGOs, I repeatedly heard from mainland activists exclaiming “Finally, I can breathe some air of freedom” when they first visited Hong Kong.

Now, that’s all gone. The pride of having a sound rule of law system, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and many other freedoms has all gone. I feel very much ashamed whenever I see the news about how the police arrest dissidents in the city and how the Hong Kong officials do whatever they can to please the Chinese government. …


Patrick Poon 潘嘉偉

Hong Kong-based human rights researcher & NGO consultant| PhD Candidate at Université Jean Moulin (Lyon 3). Twitter: @patrickpoon

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